How to Add My Business to Free Business Listing Directory in India.

If you are a business owner then you need to add your business in business directories to get found online. You can free advertise your business on Here I am going to tell you how you can add your business to is a free business directory in India for local businesses. You can find the best business in your city based on your location, city, and GPS. So, Add your business to a free business listing site.

How to List your business on Ichalkaranji Directory

here I am going to show you a step by step process for how to add your business in Indiabizlist, one of the free business listing directory in India.

first of all open in your browser. You can use your Computer or Mobile, here I am attaching a screenshot for computer users.

1. Click on Add Listing In the upper right corner.

Open the homepage of and click on the add listing button in the upper right corner.

2. Choose From Suitable Listing Plan 

3. Add Your business Detail

Now you will see the screen like this.


In the phone tab (number 5) write down your business phone number with +91. So, anyone can call you and also can contact you on WhatsApp directly regarding your business listing.

Full Address:

In the full address tab (number 6) there is two option the one is Select location by Google and the other is to enter your location, manually. By default the google location is enabled, just type your business location and select from google search. If are unable to find your location then you can just type your location manually. Also, there is another link called Drop pin. This is for if you have typed your location manually then Google might not unable to detect your location on the map. So, just check that if the pin is at the right place or not. If not then correct it.


The website tab (number 7) is for a business owner who has their own website. Just type your business website URL and if you don’t have a website keep it blank. The website plays an important role in business listing sites. Now scroll down and you will see the below screen

Listing Title:

At the listing title tab in (number 2) write down your Business name.

For example, if you are the owner of any hotel then write down your business name like “Hundia Infotech” (Without a comma).

The (number 3) tab is for Tagline.

Write your tagline like “Training Placement and Development”. This is the tagline of Apple but you should write your business’s tagline.


The City tab (number 4) is to select your city. Just type your city name and select your city from the auto-suggest list, when someone searches in then they find you easily.

Select Business Category and hours in your business listing

Add Business Hours:

The Add business hours tab (number 8) is to select your business’s timing.

Add your business’s Day off and working days with working hours. The time will be shown on the website in 12 Hours format.

By clicking on remove button you can remove any special day in the list and by clicking the + Button you can add another day from the week.


The category tab (number 9) is to select your business category. This is an important tab for your free business listing so, select the proper business category and if you are unable to find the category just contact us. We will add your business’s category.

Just click on Select Category tab and the drop-down list will be open you can find and choose your business’s category. You can also choose your business category by typing in a search box.

The business features according to your business category will be open if applied. Select the features which are provided at your business.

Price Range:

The price range tab (number 10) is to select your business’s price range. For example, if you are a restaurant owner and your restaurant’s menu is from ₹10 to ₹200 than we can say this is inexpensive if the price is high then it will be moderate.

So by default, the tab is at “Not to say”. And the other 4 option is “Inexpensive”, “Moderate”, “Pricy”, “Ultra high”.

price from and price to:-

The price from (number 11) and price to tab (number 12) is to select your price range in a digit. For example, if you have selected that your price range is “Moderate” in the price range tab then specify the range in the digit here like from ₹300 to ₹5000.

Now scroll down and you will see the next screen

Write Description and FAQ about your business:


The description tab (number 13) is to write your business description. You can explain to your customers about your business and your new offers and service.

You can also list your awards and achievements.

If you are little familiar with coding then you should also use HTML. In the text box, you can use the features provided like Bullets, Numbers, paragraphs and Bold, italic, underline.

You can also add a link to your website or any other site.

Make sure the website is a quality website and in the text box you should write a minimum of 300 words and a maximum as much you as want.


The FAQ tab is for Frequently Asked Questions about your business.

For example, if your shop is in the middle of the city then customers might have many questions in the mind like below.

Question:- Is There Four Wheel Parking Available?

Answer:- Yes

If you are an owner of a hotel and your hotel is near the airport then you may add a FAQ like “how far the hotel is from the airport”? and the Answer will be like 3 K.M.

So the tab (number 14) is for questions and the Answer tab (number 15) is for the Answer to a question. You can also add FAQs as many as you want. Just click on a + button and add another FAQ (number 16).

now scroll down and you will see the screen below.

Add Keywords, Tags, and Social Media Profile URL of your business:

Social Media Profiles:-

The Social media URL box (number 17) is for your business’s social media profiles and pages. Add your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, YouTube and Instagram’s links in the social tab.

Tags or Keywords:

The tags and keywords tab (number 18) is for your business’s targeted keywords.

For example, if you have a business of restaurants then you should add the tags and keywords like Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast, Samosa, Tea, and all that.

You should add all tags and keywords related to your business. So, your customers can find you easily. It is also a very important tab so take your time and add your all keywords.

now scroll down and you will see the next screen

Add your Business Video and Featured images:

Your Business Video:

The business Video tab (number 19) is for your business video promotion. This tab is optional but if you add your business video URL then it will be easy for your customers to get more detail.


Add Your business promotion images (number 20) to your business page’s gallery. These images will be shown at top of your page and also one of these images will be shown in a google search.

So, make sure all images are good and professional. Only upload the image with a size of 350*450 pixels and a minimum of 5 Images. Because these sized images will be shown at the best otherwise the images will be cropped or stretched.

Upload Feature image:

The feature image tab (number 21) is to select and upload the image that will be shown on a business listing search page and map.

The feature image size must be 372*240 pixels.

Select Your Username and Send it to Approval:

Email Address: Tab (number 22) is to enter your email address so that you can receive an email when your business listing is approved.

Username: Select your username for your business listing in tab number 23.

Tab number 24 is for terms and conditions. You can read our terms and condition on any page click on the checkbox and if you are first time registering on then keep the Already have account box number 25 unchecked, then click on tab number 26 is for security.

After that click on Save & Preview (number 27) button so, you will see how your business listing will look like (This might take a minute or two to upload the details and images). If everything is ok then leave the site if not then correct it and save it again.

Now your listing has been submitted. Our moderators will see and approve your listing as soon as possible.
If your free business listing has been uploaded successfully then you will receive an email from Ichalkaranji Directory which says that your business listing has been uploaded successfully.

And another email you will receive for your password. Login to your account and change your password. If you have any problem with your business listing in Ichalkaranji Directory then you can contact us anytime.

So, Submit Your Business now in Ichalkaranji Directory and get found in google and Ichalkaranji Directory’s best business directory in India.

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